Missing Chapter Of History

This site is dedicated to All the Australian and Allied Servicemen who were not recognized for the part they played in the defense of Australia.Seeing that underground installations were top secret,still to this day the Servicemen that are remaining feel that they cannot speak of one of the greatest feats undertaken on Australian soil.This is […]

The SEMI-Underground Operations Bunker

STATUS: Confirmed By Official Sources This site is a hardened reinforced concrete structure used as an operations centre for controlling artillery,naval gunfire and air intercepts in its area of responsibility.When it was operating,the site housed over 150 personnel and was manned 24 hours a day,controlling the air,naval and coastal movements for a large proportion of […]

The Evidence

To date, the Australian Bunker & Military Museum has confirmed the existence of three sites and is steadily working its way down a list of 150 or more sites in Eastern Australia alone.Enough circumstantial evidence of the existence of many of these other major sites has come from the form of geological surveys and aerial […]

The Origin Of The RUMOURS

“I ran into an old chap several years ago who claims that as a boy he witnessed the “Yanks” constructing large bitumen lined trenches at the base of a hill. He went on to say that before sealing these renches, they were filled with all the latest delivery, new model tanks, artillery and aircraft (I […]