The Battle of Bitapaka

On September 11, 1914, Britain tasked Australia and New Zealand with “a great and urgent and imperial service” to destroy German radio and re-fuelling stations in Germany’s Pacific territories, which posed a serious threat to merchant shipping in the region. The stations were transmitting signals to the German East Asian Cruiser Squadron, a link Australia […]

Gallipoli – 2

AN EXCERPT FROM DENIS WINTER’S BOOK, 25 APRIL 1915 – THE INEVITABLE TRAGEDY, UNIVERSITY OF QUEENSLAND PRESS, 1994. The landing scheme was a simple one, in outline at least. The 3rd Brigade’s 4000 men would land as a covering force to secure a beachhead for two Australasian divisions made up of six brigades. Those 4000 […]

Underground Warfare

UNDERGROUND WARFARE We live in a world of competing nations and competing political ideologies. It is hardly surprising then, that Tunnellers built underground defense shelters, or that the USA is studying the use of deep shafts from which rockets can be fired; or that Russia is said to be building coastal caverns at Vladivostok to […]