Z’s courage not forgotten

ON March 25, 1945, eight British and Australian men parachuted into the Kelabit Highlands to begin an onslaught against the Japanese army occupying Borneo. Led by Major Tom Harrisson, they were members of the voluntary Z Special Unit participating in a mission codenamed Semut 1 to establish initial contact with the indigenous people of Borneo, […]

Operation Rimau (What went wrong) Pt2

AFTER JAPANESE ATTACK – MERAPAS ISLAND 31. Saturday, 4 November, 1944 – The surviving party Included the Merapas members and the Kasoe escape party, namely: Cameron, Carey, Craft, Falls, Fletcher, Gooley, Hardy, Huston, Ingleton, Marsh, Pace, Page, Reymond, Rigg, Sargent, Stewart, Warne, Warren, and Willersdorf. 32. Presumably the men succeeded in reaching the island in […]