During our years of research there has had many claims put forward, after considerable research, some have been proven correct and other remain a myth till proved otherwise. What follows is what has been put forward to me over the past 20 years, as well as some current day claims as well. Please do not […]

Thanks for your help

The ABMM would like to thank all of those people who have sent information recently. Some of the information has lead us to possible new dicoveries. We would like to help you to help us by showing a few examples of what is possibly a bunker & what isn’t. The above photo shows an AMCO […]

The Battle of Bitapaka

On September 11, 1914, Britain tasked Australia and New Zealand with “a great and urgent and imperial service” to destroy German radio and re-fuelling stations in Germany’s Pacific territories, which posed a serious threat to merchant shipping in the region. The stations were transmitting signals to the German East Asian Cruiser Squadron, a link Australia […]

Gallipoli – 2

AN EXCERPT FROM DENIS WINTER’S BOOK, 25 APRIL 1915 – THE INEVITABLE TRAGEDY, UNIVERSITY OF QUEENSLAND PRESS, 1994. The landing scheme was a simple one, in outline at least. The 3rd Brigade’s 4000 men would land as a covering force to secure a beachhead for two Australasian divisions made up of six brigades. Those 4000 […]

The Brisbane Line

For two generations, many Australians believed that the Menzies war-time government planned to surrender parts of Australia to the Japanese without firing a shot. The forfeiture of land was to be above a line drawn just north of Brisbane and this information was disclosed to a stunned public by the Labor Party halfway through 1943. That […]