The Secret Guerrilla Army

Research suggests that the rumoured invasion caches were not for the use of regular troops. The rationale for this statement is that even highly classified wartime documents which describe defence schemes for the various Line of Communications Areas, contain no references at all to the existence of special reserve supplies for the use of cut-off […]

Australia’s WWII Lend Lease program

On 10 January 1941, Draft H.R. 1776 – the “Lend Lease Bill” was presented to the United States Congress. Under the proposed act, the President of the United States could authorise the production of weapons, munitions, aircraft and ships for export under special conditions to Allied nations fighting the Axis powers in Europe and Asia. […]

Z’s courage not forgotten

ON March 25, 1945, eight British and Australian men parachuted into the Kelabit Highlands to begin an onslaught against the Japanese army occupying Borneo. Led by Major Tom Harrisson, they were members of the voluntary Z Special Unit participating in a mission codenamed Semut 1 to establish initial contact with the indigenous people of Borneo, […]